England in the 1930s

By: Grant, Chase & Wooster

The Monarchy

Edward VIII became the king of England in 1936 after the death of his father, George V. Nearly a year after he became king he stepped down so he could marry Wallis Simpson. He later became the Duke of Windsor.


In the 1930s The United Kingdom was in a economic slump. This slump was known as the Great Slump. In some parts of England unemployment reached 70%. Before this slump had started Britain was already struggling to pay back their debts of World War 1.


In the 1930s their were many technological advancements. Charles Babbage, a mathematician, made a machine that would get rid of all errors in math problems.


In the 1930s new architecture and furnishing were introduced to England. It was called Art Deco and it involved geometric shapes instead of lines. Another new thing that was introduced in the 1930s was that people actually owned their homes. During the early 1900s most people in England rented their home instead of having ownership of it.