Stop Smoking Now

The Effects Of Smoking

Adults Know The Effects Of Smoking But They Ignore It Like It Means Nothing To Them

This is a little clip from smart kids that want to help stop smoking
Perhaps One Of The Best Anti-Smoking Ads Ever Created.

Some Dangerous Chemicals Added Into Cigarettes And Where They Are Found

Nicotine is found in bug spray, Hydrazine is found in rocket fuel, Formaldehyde is found in dead bodies, Tar is found on roads, Cyanide is found in rat poison. Carbon Monoxide is found in car fumes, Acetone is found in nail polish remover, Urea is found in a cigarette, and Toluene is found in gasoline all of these chemicals will lead you to death. I have a question would you ever put any of these chemicals in your mouth then why put a cigarette
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Amount Of Money Average Smokers Spend in a year

Average smokers spend one thousand dollars in a year.

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First Hand Smoking And Second Hand Smoking Facts

First hand smokers pass on smoke to other people which is called second hand smoking.

The government of Canada has some policies against smoking. They are never to smoke with a child as a passenger or with any other person because it still is second hand smoking. the government has another policy which is never to smoke in a house because that can cause house fires and it is second hand smoking too.

Smoking can cause...

Addiction, asthma, bad breath, bronchitis, cancer, cavities, colds, nausea, phlegm, stroke, cough, ear infection, flu, lung cancer, heart disease, short breath, stains on fingertips, and smelly clothes wrinkles, yellow teeth, waste of money, death, house fire, pollution and many many many more
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Stop smoking Now

Now you see what is really bad about smoking it can harm you and if you don't want to quit smoking that means you are quitting life.
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