Super Human Strength

The effects of adrenaline

The Hero Inside You

Have you ever thought of being like Hulk from Avengers? To get super strength when your emotions change? Well, studies have shown that everyone has a little hulk hiding inside them. What this means is that humans have to capability to enhance their physical ability when in a dire situation. You may have heard stories of these incidents where people did unbelievable acts to help someone. For instance, most times this phenomenon has happen is when someone is trapped under a vehicle and someone who cares about them see them and surprisingly lifts the vehicle off of them.
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How does this start to happen?

If you are wondering how this happens it is all due to adrenaline. Scientists have a limited amount of information about this phenomenon because it happens so rarely and without warning, but . Now I will tell you how it works from the beginning, when the brain senses fear or danger the human body goes through a tremendous change. When the brain recognizes stress from the dire situation it sends a signal to the adrenal glands. These glands release adrenaline and noradrenaline hormones that help a human confront danger. These hormones also increase heart rate, raise respiration and allows muscles to compress.

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How does adrenaline come in place?

After the adrenal glands release hormones the adrenal medulla (the interior part of the adrenal glands) releases adrenaline. Adrenaline facilitates the blood flow to the muscles. This means more oxygen is is delivered to your muscles. Adrenaline also makes it easier to convert glycogen into glucose (body fuel into body energy). This gives energy to muscles and a rapid rush of glucose allows muscles to strengthen further. This is a theory how we obtain super strength in times of danger.
The Science of Adrenaline