Hurricane Ivan

Help Donate For Families Who Lost Their Homes And Lives

Come Help All Injured And Hurt By Hurricane Ivan

We are going to help the families who lost their homes and their loved ones

Hurricane ivan family support

Friday, Feb. 14th 200 at 1pm to Sunday, Feb. 20th 2005 at 4pm

madisons Garden Sports Center

At 1:00 we will be gathering food for the hungry and the needy Their will be games to play Their will also be beverages So come on down.If you make a 15$ donation you will get free starbucks coffee for a month.

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Hurricane Ivan facts

The places Hurricane Ivan hit were Grand Canyon, Texas, Windward Islands, Eastern United States, Alabama, Cuba, Louisiana, Florida, Jamaica, Grenada, and Venezuela. Hurricane Ivan was the 5th costliest hurricane ever. Hurricane Ivan's highest winds were 165 mph. Hurricane Ivan's lowest winds were 910 mb. Hurricane Ivan's name is retired. Hurricane Ivan was a cape verde hurricane. There were 123 deaths.
Hurricane Ivan
Hurricane Ivan

It's called Hurricane Ivan Youtube