Human Impact on Endangered species

By: Adamaris Trejo

What is an endangered species? why are species endangered?

An Endangered species is a group of organisms that are at risk of being extinct. In other words there are not many of that species, which can cause the organism to vanish. Many animals are becoming extinct because of human activity. Animals encounter many threats like hunting, climate change, disease, habitat loss, and pollution. Animals are killed for their fur, food, medicines, or just for status symbols.

what is the impact on ecosystems?

The Tiger is the top predator of the food chain, it helps keep ecosystems stable. All organisms that are part of the ecosystem and humans benefit by getting food and water. The Giant Panda also helps its ecosystem by spreading the seeds of bamboo. Polar bears play an important role in balancing the health in the aquatic environment.

ways to resolve the issue?

What people can do to prevent the extinction of pandas is to increase their habitat. They can also make laws or rules against poaching. To protect the tigers they can stop the tiger trade and shut down black markets. To protect the polar bears they can reduce industrial development to prevent oil spills.
How Humans Affect Animals !!!

human impact on animals

  • People kill animals for food, clothes, shoes, medicine, value, and status.
  • People cut trees to produce paper, to build more homes, roads, factories, and landfills.
  • Humans spill oil in the ocean killing all the organisms that live there
  • People use cars and planes which pollute the air with toxic chemical
  • Animals are taken out of their homes to build homes, factories, landfills,and roads