Black-Footed Ferret

Leslie Period 8 May 22, 2015

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The black footed Ferret use to live in the colonies of prairie dog in the Great Plains, from southern Canada to northern Mexico, as of now all of them are extinct. None of them lives in the wild any more. There are only 20 location in USA, Canada, Mexico were they live now.


They move by using their 4 short legs. They can run and jump.
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Body Covering

They are a large tan weasel with long black legs and feet. Their tails have a black tip in the end (Black-Footed Ferret Facts)
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Ferrets eat mostly prairie dogs. They can eat up to 100 prairie dogs a year. They can also eat ground squirrels, small rodents, rabbits and birds (Basic Facts about Black-Footed Ferrets).
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Prairie dog up above

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Black Footed Ferret hunting from bellow the ground for eggs


Baby ferrets are called Kits. Kits are born blind and they stay bellow the ground until they are 2 months old. Mating season is in March-April.


The ferret has short legs with large front paws and claws to help dig. The ferrets large skull and strong jaw and teeth are adapted for eating meat.

Other Info

* Name of male- Hob (World Book Kids)

* Name of female- Jill ( World Book Kids)

* Name of young- Kit (World Book Kids)

* Name of group-Colony (World Book Kids)

* Lives- 6 or 7 years old (Pet

* Scientific name- Mustela nigripes (Mammals Small Carnivores 46-47)

*Gestation: 41-43 days. Kits are born in May-June.
Litter size: 3-4 kits average; ranges from 1-7 kits.

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