Year of The Hangman

By: Gary Blackwood

Main Characters

Creighton, and Peter

Creighton's uncle took him to the 13 Colonies

Setting: Year 1777, 13 colonies

The setting is in America after the Revolutionary War


Creighton is a very disrespectful man and is mean to his mom. He gambles most of his money and doesn't know how to use it wisely. His mother is too mad at Creighton and finally just sends him off to the Colonies with his uncle. When he is at the colonies he has a game with Benjamin Franklin and he loses so he has to work for him. Benjamin Franklin dies in the fire that was set off by British Troops dressed up as Native Americans. Creighton finds out about his real father's death and he got lied to earlier. Creighton finally learns about everything that has happened with his father and learns the truth.