Español 1

Spanish 1

Welcome to Spanish 1

This week: September 19-22

We have truly started our fun adventure of learning a world language. Students have been studying flashcards, singing the alphabet song, listening to the ¿Puedo ir al baño? song, playing the ball game with vocabulary, and creating mini-conversations. To familiarize you with some of our learning opportunities and activities, listed below are three resources that we will use during our year together.

PowerSchool Learning/Haiku Learning Classroom Management Site.

Below is the link to our classroom management site. Please refer to this site to see upcoming classroom activities and assessments for the rest of September. You just need to click on the Calendar tab to see our daily activities.


Today, students received their grades for the first quiz they took last Friday. The first quiz is always an eye-opening experience. Students start to get a feel for the amount of studying that they will need to do in order to know the vocabulary. We also will have an oral test on the Spanish alphabet this week and our Chapter 1.1 Essential Flashcard Questions. Students should be preparing and studying for these tests. If students need additional help, please know that I am available during Pride Time and after school until 4:30.

Have a great week!