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November 2022

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There's an APP for that

Have an app you would like to use with your students?

If teachers have an app they would like pushed out to student iPads, they will follow these steps:

  • Submit a Tech Ticket with the exact name of the app.
  • In the ticket, include a link to the app from within the App Store.
  • Provide the grade level of the students who will be using the app and general information on how it will be used by students.
  • The Tech Dept. will examine the security, privacy, and access to data the app requires as well as compliance with state and federal data and privacy laws.
  • Teachers will be notified via their Tech Ticket when an app has been approved for student use.

Once a student app is approved, view this GUIDE on how students will access the app. The information is also posted in the Learning Hub and on the Technology Knowledgebase site.

Did You Know...

Giving thanks can make you happier.

Each holiday season raises hopes for a warm and joyous time of year. According to research, the Thanksgiving season has one element that is specifically designed to uplift the spirit: being thankful.

Having gratitude means appreciating what you receive, whether it's something material or something intangible. People acknowledge the goodness in their lives with gratitude and typically realize that the source of that kindness is at least largely external to themselves during this process.

In a recent study from Harvard Medical School, three groups were researched. One group wrote about the week's events for which they were grateful. The second group wrote about daily annoyances or things that had made them unhappy (with no emphasis on them being positive or negative). Those who wrote about gratitude were more upbeat and felt better about their lives after 10 weeks.

Challenge your grade level team or department to participate in "One Week of Gratitude" and share one thing you are thankful for each day next week.

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