Chinese Cinderella

By Emma Atkins and Kate Cadogan

Adeline's life story

Adeline grew up as an unwanted child in her family. Adeline's mother came down with high fever after giving birth, which is why her family says she is unlucky. Adeline's stepmother treated her especially bad, which made life hard. Adeline learned to make the best of things by getting awards in class, being a writer, and visiting with her aunt baba. Later in life she accomplished many things like writing books, having two children, and marrying her husband. The picture is one of Adeline's books.

Home Life

Adeline's house consisted of very ungrateful and rude people. Adeline's mother absolutely hated her. everything that Adeline did was wrong in Niang's eyes. Her father would only be proud of her if she got medals. Her father was never home, but he still whipped Adeline. On top of all of that Adeline's brothers and sisters were rude and used her.

Marriage, Children, And divorce

Adeline got married to her first husband on March 6, 1964. after she got married she had a son, Roger, on march 24, 1966. Then Adeline divorced her husband because her was rude and abusive. After that, she got married again on March 6, 1972. After she married she had a daughter named Ann on March 6, 1974.

Going to Oxford

Adeline Yen Mah traveled to Oxford, England to go to medical school. Adeline went to Oxford with her Third Brother. After she won a writing contest her parents agreed to letting her go to Oxford, originally she was not allowed to go.