What is sustainability

To be able to keep something in existence

What is renewable and non renewable energy

Non-renewable things are fossil fuels are (crude oil, natural gas, coal, oil shales and tar sands.)

Renewable things are solar power, wind power, hydroelectricity/micro hydro, biomass, biofuel and more!

How do you live a sustainable lifestyle

I do:

Solar Power

Put out the rubbish

Reuse bottles

Use Rascals poop and put it in the garden

Have a compost-2

Eating leftovers

Ways to be sustainable?

Get solar power installed

Reuse at much stuff as you can even food

After a shower keep a bucket full of water and wash yourself for the next wash for dishes

Get a water tank

Think before you print.

Turn off the power

How are scientists and agencies helping the environment

1. Monitor water quality at beaches, lakes, and rivers to detect contaminants and keep people safe.

2. Evaluate how increasing human populations influence interactions between wildlife and people.

3. Create maps and graphs showing air pollutants over time to help politicians make informed decisions.

4. Monitor the air.