Staff Weekly

Published January 26th

Some things we're thinking about:

1. We need to look at everything we're doing as a whole and determine what will get the majority of our energy for the rest of the year and what can wait until next year.

2. We need to make sure everyone is supported with the writing we've implemented thus far and not add anything else to the mix. Let's get good at what we've started and save more progress for next year. We will tackle extended response...but we'll stop there for this year.

3. We really need to calibrate how we assess mastery. Stacie would like to do this in vertical team meetings in February and it would really be ideal to have a full staff meeting in March rather than vertical meetings to do this collectively as a staff. That may be coming...

4. We have to get in a rhythm with PBIS. We will get there. Please continue to provide feedback. When you become silent, we don't help anyone.

5. We need to continue to refine our tutorial. We are monumentally proud of all you've accomplished this year. Let's keep reflecting and refining and make it the most impactful part of the day for intense mastery achievement.

6. We need to stay consistent with our SEL and we need you all to give us feedback. What went well, what did not. This will help us with designing future units. Meredith and Stacie are designing lessons NEXT WEEK that will put the ball in the kids' court. They will be researching SEL topics and finding their own icebreakers, meditations, etc.

Big picture

tutorial this week

Monday--prep for SLCs

Normal Tutorial Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Wednesday we have a reverse delay schedule so we can have our PBIS Rewards Day.

we need to get our red sheet data together. stac will give you more info on that.

This Week's Meetings

Monday: faculty circle, makeup Admin Code Meeting with Tia after school

Tuesday: PBIS Tier 1 after school, Social Studies Vertical

Wednesday: PBIS Tier 2/3 after school, ELA/SS ATMs during day

Thursday: 6th and 7th Math/Sci ATMs

Friday: 8th Math/Sci ATM

Faculty Meetings (Circles and Vertical)

February 24th: Circles resume and are focused on SEL preview for upcoming week

February: Vertical Meetings at scheduled times

March: Vertical Meetings ALL ON ONE DAY--purpose is SBG school calibration (March 12)

April: Vertical Meetings ALL ON ONE DAY--purpose is scheduling/room assignments (April 16)

MAY: Vertical Meetings at scheduled times

2020 Planning Meetings (1, 2, 5, 7)


February 5: Writing an Extended Response PD (both plans) Implement in the cores the week of the 10-14.

February 12: Behavior PLC

February 18: Extended Response SWOT

February 19: Unit Planning (everyone attends)

February 20: Unit Planning (everyone attends)

February 25: Unit Planning (everyone attends)

February 27: Unit Planning (everyone attends)


March 3: Calibrate a 1

March 4: Calibrate a 2

March 5: Calibrate a 3

March 10, 11, 12: Fine-tuning SBG

March 17: Behavior PLC

March 18, 19: Unit Planning (everyone attends)

March 24, 26: Unit Planning (everyone attends)


April 1: Behavior PLC

April 2, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 30: Unit Planning (everyone attends)


Hold for anything K-Prep or end of year related

Vertical Team PLCs Goals


  1. Monthly, bring and analyze student work that shows evidence of writing that matches the unit expectations. Calibrate thinking on what constitutes a 1, 2, and 3.
  2. Create a school writing plan focusing on one component of the plan each month. Begin with the school writing policy.


  1. Complete CUBES word problems 4 times per week and complete 1 written writing prompt per unit explaining how to correctly solve a math problem with appropriate vocabulary.
  2. At least weekly, use CASE question bank to administer checks to maintain rigor of priority standards/calibrate.


  1. Implementation of 3D instruction as evidenced in lesson plans.
  2. Collaboratively write summative assessments that measure mastery of disciplinary core ideas through the practices and cross-cutting concepts.

Social Studies

  1. Monthly, bring and analyze student work that shows evidence of inquiry practices. Calibrate thinking on what constitutes a 1, 2, and 3. (QFT, DBQ, extended response, because, but, so).

PLC Notes


  • Discussion of the CASE data analysis.
  • Eye-opening to look at writing for another grade.
  • Discussion about science collaborating with the math teachers to emphasize the math for the unit that's also used in science.
  • Need to practice timed writing. Kids are not handling timed writings well.
  • Need to practice giving kids a set amount of space to put their answer in.

Team Leader

  • Work skills report--will do like we did last year though Google Form.
  • Behavior adjustments to make: Full school reward, visiting classrooms to unveil new BF, adjusting points
  • Teams need to identify what they would like the PTSO to purchase for them this year
  • ipads and doc cameras are ordered for those who requested them


  • Based on CASE data, going to begin giving kids CASE questions to dissect and answer weekly and score together.
  • Also looking for other ways to up the rigor into the DOK 2 and 3 levels.