Gator Gram

Friday, May 20th 2016

Rain, rain has gone away!

What a crazy, wet week it has been. Good news? Jeff was prepared! Thank you EVERYONE who has helped make this week amazing. Some of the fun campus things are highlighted below. Roll up your own waders... just 4 1/2 days left! Please read the entirety of this newsletter for important info about next week.


Please keep in mind that, while countdowns are fun, they can also add to the unrest in your room. Fun in the sun, sleeping late, and relaxing by the pool may be on your agenda... but for some of our kids, it's a summer of unknowns and little consistency. Try to keep the hype to a minimum, keep your structure, and save the counting down for lunch/conference with your team.

Talent Show

When planning for next week, please allow more time than usual for the Talent Show. It will be a little longer, plus Jeff will get his pie in the face and hair spray painted. It will be closer to an hour and a half.

Book Return

Please, please get with me or Lynette to return any books that need to be returned to either the book room or the literacy library.

AR Week

HUGE props to Dawn for this school-wide event. I LOVED hearing the laughter and seeing the excited faces as they experienced technology come to life. Thank you to everyone who helped to make it possible!
first clue conner

Living Statues

The 4th grade did an AMAZING job at living statues this week. They knew their stuff and stuck to character. Nice job, 4th grade teachers!

Biz Movie

Congrats to the 3rd grade for working hard and showing off their box office hits! What an exciting project!

End of Year Breakfast

With the last weekend of the year being Memorial Weekend, and this week/weekend being crazy.... the social committee is going to provide a yummy breakfast on the Saturday of staff development. We can enjoy some social time over tacos :).

Important Dates Next Week

  • May 23rd - Carol's Retirement Breakfast
  • May 24th - Talent Show 9:00 & 6:30
  • May 25th- 4th to Adamson's Lagoon
  • May 26th - Mentor Celebration
  • May 27th - Last day & early release!!
  • May 28th - Staff Development - 8:00 am

Happy Birthday!

  • Cathy Bounds - May 24th
  • Margaret Wright - May 27th
  • Sabrina Hill - May 27th