Putting "Unity" back into the "Community!"

Building Bridges of Hope

AMEN Ministries is a faith-based Outreach Ministry dedicated to building the bridge to wholeness. we are committed to reaching out to the unreachable with unconditional love and practical answers to life's difficulties. We provide a non-judgmental environment that offers hope, empowerment and encouragement.

Because We Care

Why we do what we do

Because at AMEN Ministries, we all come from different walks of life we can empathize with those who may have had to overcome some obstacles that may appear impossible to deal with. We share our stories for inspiration of how we overcame great difficulties through the love of Jesus Christ and fellowship with others who have accepted Christ unconditional love.

On a weekly basis we reach out to the community through "Street Evangelism" and "Community Outreach" by going out feeding the hungry, providing for the homeless and offering salvation through Jesus Christ and prayer to the broken.

About Us

AMEN Ministries was built on the belief that the change we want to see in our communities must first start with us, we work diligently to meet the ever-changing needs in the communities we live in by providing food, clothing, community services resources, spiritual support, bibles, and salvation through the finished work of Jesus Christ.