Weekly Blast

Week of 4/11/16

Summer Moratorium at Union City

If you are wondering when you could take a vacation this summer and your student /athlete would not miss any practices or events for his or her athletic teams. Union City is going to observe a two week Moratorium this summer. The dates that the coaches are not allowed to schedule practices or have any contact with the athletes will be Monday July 4th through Sunday July 17th. So these two weeks will be a great time to schedule some family time with the knowledge that the athlete will not miss any events. If you have any questions regarding moratorium don't hesitate to call the AD office at 765-964-4840 Ext. #122.

IHSAA Physicals 2016-2017 School Year

Please see the following message from the IHSAA regarding physical examinations for the 16-17 school year.

In collaboration with the Committee on Sports Medicine, which is an arm of the Indiana State Medical Association, the new IHSAA form now requires the original signature of a physician (MD or DO) in addition to their license number for validity. A pre-stamped, or facsimile signature is unacceptable. This new requirement is the direct result of an effort to protect your student athletes. The abuses which were brought to the attention of the Committee on Sports Medicine by member schools, pediatricians, and family medicine providers included pre-stamped physicals completed in non-medical facilities. We would ask that you review the new form in advance of distribution to your student-athletes. The added cover page offers a concise, specific level of instruction with respect to the expected process of completing the physical form. Finally, the new form is not to be altered in any fashion. Any alteration renders the form invalid.

The new IHSAA Physical form can be found here, or on the athletic web site.