Welcome to December!

November 1st to December 4th

We are all reading in Book Clubs!!

All of us are reading realistic fiction books and talking about characterization as well as plot, setting and theme. Mostly we are focusing on characters. So many character traits to talk about!! Ask us about our books!!
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Hatchet by John and Jack

In the story Hatchet, Brian goes to the lake where he crashed and takes a drink of water from the lake even though he is badly injured. This shows that Brian is brave.
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The Watsons go to Birmingham-Zirui and Christian

Kenny, the main character/narrator of the story is smart and very curious too. He is smart because when he is in second grade he reads a book to the fifth graders. He is curious because he is always asking different questions.
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Rain, Reign by Michael

I am reading a great book RAIN REIGN by Ann M. Martin. In the book Rose is a 5th grader who loves homonyms. An example of a homonym is SEE and SEA. She lives with her father and her dog Rain. Rose is concerned about a hurricane coming to her town, it is a superstorm named Susan. He father tries to calm her by telling Rose they live inland and the storm won’t come to them. Is her dad right or should Rose fear the approaching superstorm ???
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Wonder- by Ben

Wonder is about a boy with a different kind of face. He goes to school for the first time and is very happy to be in school. He is scared that kids are going to make fun of him. He shows that he is sad by crying when he is with his mom
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Walk Two Moons (by Gage)

In the story, a smart and brave, main character, named Salamanca, goes on a trip with her grandparents to go see her mom. Along the trip, she tells her grandparents a story about her best friend, Phoebe Winterbottom. I can't wait until what happens next in this, adventure book!
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Fractions, Fractions and more Fractions! by Hailey and Monserrat

There are many tools that help us in the class. One of them is the fraction tray. The fraction tray has tiles with a whole through twelfths. They are in all different colors. They help us learn our fractions and compare fractions, add fractions, and subtract fractions.