Principles of Applied Engineering

1st and 7th Period

Lesson Plans And Project Due Dates

    Jan. 30th - Feb. 3rd

    Monday - Day 1 3D Printing Project with Logbooks

    Tuesday - Day 2 3D Printing Videos and Logbook Design Work

    Wed. Problem of the Day Design for 3D Printing and Safety Review

    Thursday and Friday - 3D Printing Terms and Reading Packet and equipment ID handout for 3D printing.

    Feb. 6th - Feb. 10th

    Monday - Play Day 5 Videos for Part 1, Work on Day 4 Medallion in Tinkercad

    Tuesday - (Region 8 VEX Contest) Vocabulary Quiz, a paper lesson for class markers.

    Wed. Day 5 Video’s part 2, work in Tinkercad

    Thursday Day 6 Software and Logbook for Tinkercad / Intro to Final Project

    Friday- Final 3D Print Project Design Day in Logbook