By Brendan Dana

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

What they regulate and govern

Their goal as a government corporation is to help enforce the laws that protect those that are discriminated against when looking for job opportunities. They want to make sure that people of different races and with different abilities have the same chance and opportunities of people of a different race or ability. They want to make sure that people know "It is illegal to discriminate against a person because the person complained about discrimination, filed a charge of discrimination, or participated in an employment discrimination investigation or lawsuit."

When We Were Made

The EEOC was founded in 1965 as a company that dreamed of equality in the work force. It was created after a civil rights protest. They wanted to try to help that have disabilities or that have had a lawsuit against an employer before.
They have the task of making sure that every race and people from all different backgrounds have the same opportunities when trying in the work force. the also help when they aren't getting the opportunities that the should have.
What Is the EEOC and how does it operate?

What They Have Delt With

There are many specific cases that they have to deal with every day but telling one of those stories would not help you picture what they really do. Last year alone they successfully dealt with over 88,000 cases, that means that there handled roughly 241 cases of discrimination against race, religion, sex, and mental disabilities a day. We should all have the same opportunities when it comes to entering the workforce and that is what the people at the EEOC try to do every day