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Oil sands is a powerful source of Canadian energy creating jobs, helping pay for public services. Energy from the oil sands happens because of human energy and innovation that goes into it. It's considered dirty oil, due to it's high greenhouse gas emissions. Oil sands are a mixture of sand, water, dry and bitumen. Bitumen is oil that is heavy or thick to flow or be pumped without being diluted or heated. At 10° C/50° F bitumen is still hard as a rock. Oil sands is located in the province Alberta.
Alberta oil sands economics and environmental impact

Heatlh Impacts

Oil sands can effect your health in many ways, it can cause many types of cancers to your body. People who live near tar sands strip-mining, drilling, and processing operations in Canada face health risks from additional air and water pollution, and there are reports of an increasing incidence of cancer. The pollution in the air causes many heath effects These chemicals often present serious risks to human health some are known to damage DNA, others are carcinogens, and many cause developmental impacts. Scientists studied the incidences of cancer found in the tiny community of Fort Chipewyan. Fort Chip, as it is commonly known, has 1,100 residents and is located where the Athabasca River empties into Lake Athabasca. The oil sands polluting the water causes fishes and many more animals under water to die cause of this pollution. There is a specific cancer that typically strikes only 1 in every 100,000 to 200,00 individuals.

Opinion Blog

In my opinion oil sands should be gone, because it causes so many effects to health and environmentally. Since it's considered dirty oil, due to it's high greenhouse gas emissions. Many mammals are dying because of the oil sands polluting the water and everything around them, I think there environment would be much more cleaner if this pollution is gone, it would keep everything clean and tidy and the population would start rising instead of dying.