Kindergarten Happenings

We learned about the seasons and especially winter!

January 17, 2014

Look at what we did!

  • In literacy, we learned that when we can be our reading buddy's coach. When they get stuck, we can help them by reminding them of our reading powers. We don't let them get too frustrated either! We tell them to keep going and try their best.
  • In word work, we reviewed all of our sight words so that we can know them in a snap!
  • In writing, we wrote about the weather and what we can do on sunny, rainy, windy, and snowy days. We also reviewed how to write a small moment story. We think about what we did to get a picture in our mind, draw the picture with lots of details and color, and then write the words.
  • In math, we learned about skip counting by 2, 5, and 10. We also looked at patterns on a 100s board.

Sight Words

We practiced the sight words on the word wall! With the provided words in your sight word bag, practice reading and writing the words in a snap! The quicker we know them, the more we can focus on other new words when we read and write.

I, can, see, a, me, the, to, go, my, like, am, at, for, look, we, will, come, here

Guided Reading Updates

This past week, Ms. Dais, Ms. Kilgo, and Ms. Gaston have been doing both literacy screeners using mClass and math screeners using AimsWeb to see how much your children have grown! While it does interrupt our Guided Reading schedule, it is necessary so that we can plan and continue to meet each kindergartener's needs. We are so proud of their hard work! The information will be shared with you when report cards are sent home on January 31st. We will transition back into Guided Reading next week and it will resume full time the week of January 27th.

Kindergarten Themes

Here are the themes that are coming up:

  • Winter
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.

Upcoming Events & Other Information

  • Mon, Jan 20 - No School for MLK Holiday
  • Tues, Jan 21 - No School for Teacher Workday
  • Thurs, Jan 30 - Delayed Opening
  • Mon, Feb 17 - No School for Teacher Workday and Student-Led Conferences (more information coming!)

Next week...

  • We will write about our dreams and thoughts on how we can make the world a better place.
  • We will work with the -it and -ot word families.
  • We will start trying to stretch our story into 4 parts - first, then, next, and last.
  • We will practice making groups of 2s, 5s, and 10s so that we can skip count to figure out how many there are.