Weekly Glimpse 2-12-16

From Fourth Grade

Language Arts

Focus this week:

* continuing to read classroom novels and individual novels - focusing on figurative language, conflicts that characters are experiencing, vocabulary in the books, and discussing these within discussion groups

* continuing to write If My House Could Talk piece - using personification

* began studying the roots and origins of English words

* cause and effect - using Serafina's Promise and individual novels (ex: causes and effects of poverty) Serafina is a young girl who lives in Haiti and wants to go to school so badly but as a result of being so poor her family can't afford it.

* similarities with characters - with some effort students were able to relate one or two things of how they were similar to Serafina.

Next week:

* spelling homework and test are due on Tuesday

* lit. jobs due Tuesday

* wrap up the writing piece

* continue with novels

* third wold countries vs. first world countries in regard to poverty and education

Social Studies

Focus this week:

* states and capitals in the NORTHEAST region with subcategories being New England and Mid Atlantic states (TEST MATERIAL)

* non-graded quiz on Northeast with 4B - they have maps in their binders that should stay there until JUNE - we repeated that many times

* the regions and history will take the class through June

* reviewing with online flashcards & ones we have in the classroom

Next week:

* 4A will have the non-graded quiz on the the Northeast and get the maps for their binders

* geography of the NE

* New England and Mid Atlantic States

* vocabulary from the chapter in the text

Teacher's Note:

* Thank you for sending in the treats and cards - children had a great time!

* There is NO SCHOOL on Monday for students

* Test & homework due on Tuesday (see language arts) - Tuesday is Day 3