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September 16, 2022

Mark Your Calendars

  • 9/19: Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up emails delivered today!
  • 9/23: 2pm Dismissal Day for PLC Work & Collaboration
  • 9/26: NO SCHOOL! Enjoy your long weekend.
  • 9/28: PICTURE DAY
  • 9/30: End of 1st Quarter (Wow! How did that happen so fast?!)


October 3rd-7th: Parent Teacher Conference Week! October 6th & 7th:12:05pm Dismissal Days.

October 15th: LOVE OUR SCHOOLS DAY! More details coming soon...

A SNEAK PEEK at what our Bobcats have been up to this week...

Now Accepting Copy Paper Donations:

You may have heard that copy paper is in high demand, tough to find, and has also significantly increased in price. Our school is appreciative of any and all copy paper donations. Every ream helps! Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Say Cheese! Picture Day is coming...

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Calling all COACHES...

We are currently seeking VOLLEYBALL coaches for the Winter season (November-January). Apply online &/or reach out to our Athletic Coordinator for more information: and

Weekly Message from the Founder of ALL THINGS EQ (Danna Evans):

The motto this week has been:

I am kind to the people I am with right now.

Friendships are a rewarding part of life. However, sometimes, it can be easy to expect too much from our friendships, especially in elementary school. Declarative statements such as, "They are my very best friends" can prevent other friendship opportunities from developing.

In school, teachers often have students work in pairs, and it's all too common to have students express disappointment in their pairings when they aren't with their "preferred" friends. Feelings can get hurt when this disappointment is visible via a sigh or a longing look to their best friend.

Naturally, we don't want our child to be the cause of another person's hurt feelings any more than we want their own feelings to get hurt. This is why this week is all about being kind to the people we are with right now!

The habit builder for this week is to encourage your child to be curious about the people around them by asking, "Did you learn anything new about people this week?" Or "Did anyone do something you admired?"

These questions help our students keep an open mind about the people around them because people are often much more than our first impressions suggest.

"Never lose an opportunity to see the good in someone."

When our children seek to see the goodness in others, others cannot help but see it in them!

Have you pre-registered for the BBQ event yet?

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Book Fair!

From the desk of Mrs. Crabbs...

Fall in love with books! That’s what book fairs do! We’re excited to announce that there will be a fall Scholastic Book Fair September 9-October 7. This fair will be OPEN TO ALL and we look forward to parents visiting our fair! Your child will have an opportunity to get books and develop a love of reading. See Why Read 20 Minutes a Day at Home is so important and visit for all the details!

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