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Intelligence allows a system to operate its basic capabilities to enrich the set of services. Telephone network provides a simple feature is not suitable for switching and routing introducing new pricing capabilities and translation of numbers without help. Availability of switches controlled by the program paved the way for the introduction of services based on switching, called additional services, while emphasizing the potential and limits of this type of solution. Provision of additional recharge api provider services necessary to modify and enrich the basic call processing performed by switches that provide service call in all nodes that support new features.

The fundamental idea behind IN is to place the required intelligence needed to provide a comprehensive service in dedicated servers instead online recharge coupons modify processing software call each network switch. By doing so, switch functionality is limited to basic call processing, in addition to identifying the calling of services and routing these calls to the server. The first solution was implemented in the United States in the early s to support green number service. Service Number Verde, called service allows the called party via the number to pay for the cost of incoming calls.

As numerous services can be provided by combining low-level service components, a good answer to this problem is to standardize service components. Adequate support network for multimedia services architecture requires a more abstract than current standards. Here we can already speak of IMS architecture, which adds multimedia services for packet switched networks. Telecommunication Management Network is a model defined recharge api provider by ITU-T protocol for management of open systems in a communications network.

It is part of the ITU-T M. Recommendation and recharge api provider is based on OSI management specifications in ITU-T X. Series (Figure -). TMN provides a framework for achieving interconnections and communications between heterogeneous systems and operating telecommunications networks. To achieve this, a set of points defines the TMN interface elements performing the actual processing of communications (such as a central processing calls) to be accessed by other elements, such as recharge api provider management workstation for monitoring and control.

The interface standard allows entities from different manufacturers to be embedded in a network under a single management control. For communication between the management and NE (network elements), use common management information protocol (Common management information protocol- CMIP) or mediation devices, when using Q interface. Business management level is analyzed developments in online recharge coupons communications (including financial prediction), the quality of commercial aspects (directly involved in the model billing- extended the registration and evaluation of all network events).

Service Level Management handles the creation, management and metering services. Network management level has distributed resource allocation functions: configuration, monitoring and control. Level management of network elements nodes ordering Network- transmission, gathering and recharge api provider processing information (records) status (including alarms) to automate hardware and software maintenance. TMN presents the five basic functions: management errors (FM- Management Fault detection, recording, reporting, isolation).

Account management (AM- Account Management collecting, storing and delivering accounting information and payment) performance management (PM- Performance Management, collecting, storing and delivering operational statistics to optimize network) configuration online recharge coupons management (CM- configuration Management installation of network equipment, setting parameters, configuring capabilities used), security management (SM security Manager management functions multiple access authorization and protection from intrusion).

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