Miller Elementary 3rd Grade


Math- Fractions

These are some activities that you can do at home with your child to practice fractions.

1. Find objects in your home that are shorter than one inch in length. Using a ruler, help your child determine what fraction each small mark between 0 and 1 represents. Then measure the small objects using fractions of an inch.

2. Draw a number line that is equally divided into 8 parts. Have your child roll a die, use that digit as a numerator and find the fraction on the number line (e.g., If 4 is rolled, the child locates 4/8 on the number line.)

3.Examine a one-cup measuring cup. Note the vertical scale on the cup may be marked in eighths, fourths, and halves. Discuss how this scale is similar to a number line.

-Ideas from Motivation Math Level 3


We are studying Space (Earth Science) until spring break. Below are some questions that you can ask your child.

1. How does the position of the Earth in the solar system affect conditions on our planet?

2. What's important to a system?

3. How do science and technology affect the quality of our lives?

Language Arts and Social Studies

Reading- Continue to read for at least 20 minutes every night. We are working on fluency and comprehension in the classroom. Your child should be reading at or above 95 correct words per minute on a third grade passage with 80% comprehension.

Reading Strategies- Please continue to work with your child on their Reading Strategies while they are completing their LA homework. These strategies are found in their green Daily Folder.

Social Studies- We are learning all about heroes in this unit. Below are some questions that you can ask your child as we learn about heroes.

1. Which hero has been your favorite? Why?

2. Why do we call these people heroes?

3. How can individuals make a difference?

Valentine's Day Parties

Our Valentine's Day party is on Friday, Feb. 12th from 10:50-11:40am, parents are welcome to attend. Please remember to have your child bring their decorated Valentine's box or bag to school on Friday. If your child chooses to hand out Valentine's to their classmates, they need to make sure that they have one for each child in the class. A letter went home two weeks ago with the names of the children in your child's class.