A Christmas Carol

By: Leevi Telfer

Stave 1

In Stave 1, we meet the main character, Ebenezer Scrooge. He is a very grumpy and ungrateful old man. We hear of Jacob Marley, Scrooge's ex-business partner. We also meet Bob Crachit, one of Scrooge's workers. He is poor, and his son Tiny Tim is about to die. A man comes in asking for donations, Scrooge shoots him down quickly. Then Scrooge's nephew, Fred, comes in and invites him to Christmas dinner. Scrooge won't have any of it. Jacob Marley's ghost comes to Scrooge before he goes to bed. He is bound in chains made of cashboxes, padlocks, ledgers, and steel purses. He has come to save Scrooge from doing the same thing.

Stave 5

Scrooge's new personality.

In Stave 5, Scrooge is overwhelmed and excited at the same time. He is excited about his new personality. He is frantic because he doesn't know if he has slept all the way through Christmas or not. He sends the biggest turkey to the Crachits and raises Bob's salary. He is a much more kind person.
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