Panther Periodical

March 3. 2023

Important Dates


6-10: Classified Appreciation Week

8: Late Start -- Doors Open 9:40am

9: SST @ 7am

12: Daylight Savings Time -- Spring ahead!

13: School Board @ 7pm

16: Pre-K Night - 4:30-5:30pm

17: Grading Day - No students

23 - 2nd & 3rd Music Concert

24: 4th grade to Philip Foster Farm


Future Dates to note:

April 10-14: Move-a-thon Week

May 8-12: Teacher Appreciation Week

May 9 - Kindergarten & 1st grade Music Concert

May 16 - Family Math Night

June 14: 5th grade Promotion

June 15: K Graduation

Go Home Plan Changes

Contact your child's teacher and the office or send a signed note, if there is a change in go home plan. Please do not leave it up to your child to tell us.

Lunch Menu

Included below is the link to the full menu below which will give you the breakfast menu as well. You can translate the menu to any language you prefer.

Here is a quick list for lunch:

Monday - Homemade Lasagna with Breadstick

Tuesday - BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

Wednesday - Chicken Nuggets with Roll

Thursday - Pizza

Friday - Fish Sticks with Roll and Tartar sauce
Drop down to "Aumsville Elementary" and drop down to the breakfast or lunch menu. Click "Go". You can look at the menu in either a weekly or monthly view.

Classified Staff Appreciation Week!

Aumsville couldn't function without all of our Fabulous support Staff. They lead small group and 1:1 instruction and support, help cover recess, prepare our meals, clean our classrooms, supervise throughout the day, support medical, behavioral and instructional needs.

They work so very hard to care for Aumsville students and are invaluable members of our school staff. Thank you to each and everyone one of them.

Reading Intervention Team

Betty Settgast

Heidi Klenski

Joi Burgess

Kristine Solomon

Lisa Crawford

Zoe Thompson

Zoe James

Jessica Wadsworth

Mary Hart

Math Intervention Team

Kelcie Molan

Myles Sterling

Administrative Assistants

Jill Johnson

Nicky Lee

Ken Maben, Custodian

Holly Petersen, Library Assistant

Mayson Olson, Recess Coach

Kcencia Koellmann, Skills Trainer

Vicky Peters, SKills Trainer

Diana Branson, Speech Assistant

Jessica Gray, Special Ed Assistant

Heather Wurl, Special Ed Assistant

Janet Ramirez, Special Ed Assistant

KristiOnna Griffith, Special Ed Assistant

Melissa Braun, Special Ed Assistant

Sarah de Roover, Special Ed Assistant

Michael Rosenau, Special Ed Assistant

Uchenna Ugwuanyi, Special Ed Assistant

Cindy Nash, Special Ed Assistant

Leann Coleman, Special Ed Assistant

Madison Marlatt, Special Ed Assistant

Mikayla Gardner, Special Ed Assistant

Charlene Burgess, Special Ed Assistant

Sally Kelly, Special Ed Assistant

Sophia Bush, Special Ed Assistant

Jeanette Christiansen, Kitchen staff

Christa Wilmes, Kitchen staff

Leslie Casto, Kitchen staff

Rosa Rojas, Kitchen staff

Rocio Ching de Diaz, Migrant/ELL

Amy Allen, School Nurse

Thank you so much to our Very Special Guest Readers!

Big picture

Kornegay's 5th Grade Class is our February Frenzy Attendance Winner!!!

Big picture
Big picture

Please help us keep kids safe and reduce congestion when dropping off and picking up your kids.

  • If you need to walk into the school, please park in the parking lot and walk your child in.
  • When dropping off your child at the curb, please drop and go. Do not stop and watch your child walk all the way to the door as this backs up traffic. The staff will make sure your child safely gets to where they need to go.
  • Please keep the crosswalks clear.
Thank you so much for your cooperation and help to keep all students safe.

PTC News

Scholastic Book Fair still open. Last day is Tuesday, March 7th,

Do you have a future Aumsville student?


Phone: 503-749-8492

Address: 572 N. 11th St. Aumsville OR 97325


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