Fifth Grade Newsletter ~ April

Sarah Midiros

Upcoming Dates:

April 8: Mill Creek Course Selection Forms due to Mrs. Gasiorowski

April 10: ELA MAP Test

April 11: Math MAP Test

April 17: Mill Creek Online Enrollment (at HE)

April 17: 5th Grade Picture and All School Picture

April 18: Growth and Development

April 21: Parent Information Night for MCMS and MTMS and Book Fair (all week) BOGO

April 30: Middle School Student Tours

May 5: MTMS Course Selection Forms due to Mrs. Gasiorowski

May 7: ELA State Assessment

May 7: Choir to visit Sweetlife at Rosehill - in the afternoon

Mat 8: ELA State Assessment

May 9: Harvesters Fifth Grade Fieldtrip

May 12: Math State Assessment

May 13: Math State Assessment

May 15: Band Concert at Mill Creek Middle School @ 6:30

May 19: 5th Grade Farewell

May 20: End of Year School Assembly

May 21: Field Day

May 22: Last Day of School

"Bring Your Child To Work Day" - Please be sure to contact the office if your child will be with you on April 24th

American Revolution

We are finishing our unit on the American Revolution, Constitution, Bill of Rights and Government this week. The class is currently working on a biography paper using the six traits and an outline that includes the facts your child spent time researching at school. Papers will be presented to the class with the "Pop Star" person/project sitting next to them. The project is due on Monday. A 2- liter bottle works great, but if you need to use another size, that is fine. The bottle should be a reflection of the person who is the subject of your child's paper. I can't wait to see them!! If you have any questions please contact me.

To end the unit we will watch, "National Treasure" Friday afternoon since the plot involves so much of the curriculum covered in this unit. Students can bring a snack to enjoy while watching the movie.


We will begin our final science unit next week by exploring Energy and Ecosystems. Other topics will include Earth Systems and Space and Engineering.

Flipped Classroom - Math

We took the test on multiplying and dividing decimals which means we are moving on to finding volume of solids and converting measurements in both the Customary and Metric System. We will combine Topic 12 and 13 into one test.

"My Side of the Mountain"

This week we began reading the novel, "My Side of the Mountain" by Jean Craighead George. We will read this book together as a class - meaning we will take it section by section. Some reading will take place during class while some will be done at home. Each section has a packet that includes comprehension questions and an activity that focuses on a specific reading skill. Each packet will have a specific due date so we can keep progressing through the book.

The book includes a Peregrine Falcon who has a substantial role in the plot. Fortunately for us, Topeka's Westar Energy building is home to a falcon pair who have four eggs they are currently incubating. There is a live webcam so we will be watching it daily and keeping a scientific log. We have discussed the reality of nature and how something might happen while we are watching that might be unpleasant. For example, last year the mama brought another bird to the nest and began feeding the young falcons. Students know they do not have to watch, but we will keep the streaming going since it directly pairs with the novel. This is of high interest to the kids and they are continuously asking to watch the stream. Therefore, I will give you the link so it can be watched at home also.