Legend lake

Cannon mcbeath

Summer fun

This summer I went to a lake called legend lake, it was by my dads friends house it was a huge lake located in Keshena.We went swimming there and went for a boat ride a few times, we where fishing with a huge net and caught some fish but we had to let them go, we also went down a slide they made by there self that shoots out water.My sister my dad and my neighbor plus me and my dog went there we met my dads friend there. We went a few times at legend lake because it was such a hot day out and we had nothing else to do. We went in the middle of August, it wasn't that far from where we lived so we just took my dads car it was only about a 45 minute drive.

The lake

This is a picture my dad took of the lake where we went swimming

Pontoon boat ride

We went for a boat ride around legend lake

The science of it

The lake is a part of the water cycle because When precipitation falls on land, some of it seeps into the ground and becomes part of the ground water, which feeds wells, springs, lakes, and rivers. Much of the precipitation flows over the ground as surface runoff and joins rivers flowing back to the ocean. And another part of how swimming is scientific is mechanics of the body because action of muscles in producing motion or posture of the body.

I wonder...

1.how did the lake form

2.is it man made or did it form by itself

3.what are the different causes of lakes

4.What is the study of inland water bodies and ecosystems


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