Mrs. Sovereign's Class Newsletter

This Week at a Glance

Here we are in our second six weeks of the school year. I am proud of all the kids have accomplished so far. We just finished our first Book Club and will begin creating digital book trailers to summarize what we read and help others to determine if this should be their next Book Club selection . This week we are learning 10 new vocabulary terms (see Edmodo) to be assessed October 23. Finally, we are continuing to learn the signposts to Close Read and better comprehend as we read.

Home Access Center for Grades

Last week we spent several days looking at our own first six weeks grades, beginning of the year reading assessments, and other in class assessments. We were looking back to set goals for ourselves going forward. We will re-evaluate the goals three weeks into this six weeks. I was a bit surprised at how many students did not know their grades or how to access HAC. I want to encourage all students to know where they are and where they want to go.

Thursday, October 15th

Show your school spirit and wear your favorite band t-shirt.


I try to only send home graded work on Monday. I will post grades all week, but I feel that if send the graded work home once a week you can know when to expect to see it.

Kid President

Here is your feel good video for the week. The kids and I viewed this Kid President video before we talked about setting individual goals. Kid President has an interesting story that makes him all the more lovable and an inspiration. "You were made to be awesome!"
A Pep Talk from Kid President to You