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December 7-December 11

Student Growth Assessment Update

The mid-year Student Growth Assessment Window is November 16- December 4. This should give teachers a 2 week window to get the assessment completed. Grades should be entered into SISK12 by December 11.

Below you will find the updated directions for adding Student Growth Assessment scores into SISK12.

Step 6 has been updated. This updated fixes the problem we experienced with how SISK12 was coding the data.

It is very important to make sure with step 6 that all boxes are checked, for the grade, pre-test, mid-test and post-test.

Also, please DO NOT change the date listed for the scores. Just leave it as the date of the pre-test.

As a reminder, it is very important to only enter scores in through the grid, as described in the attached directions.

Teachers that entered Mid-Test scores in without doing this procedure will need to go back in using the attached directions, and re-enter any missing scores.

Link to Updated Student Growth Entry Directions

Updated version is added to Live Binder.

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The Week Ahead...

Monday, Dec. 7

Tuesday, Dec. 8


8:30-12:30 District Administrator Learning Lab

9:00 Office Meeting

K-2 Collaboration-Data Review

After School Tutoring

Wednesday, Dec. 9


9:00 Construction Meeting at DRE/Holler

10:45 May/Holler Meeting at Harris Bldg

1:15 Fire Drill #3.....Hopefully this time it happens! The most rescheduled drill. :)

3:40 Grade Chair

7:00 PTO

Thursday, Dec. 10


8:00-11:00 Larrew Math Learning Lab

6:30 Winter Concert

After School Tutoring

Friday, Dec. 11


3-5 Collaboration Data Meeting (moved due to Learning Lab)

1st and 4th Lion's Den Shopping Day

1:45 5th Grade Chocolate Milk Panel in Cafeteria

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December Shout Outs...

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Miklich, Boyce, Eikel, Johnson

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