By Kamar Hammad

The steps to making a civilization

One is growing crops two is taming sheep three is building permanent homes four is creating a city state and the last one is finding a ruler.

The requirements of a civilization

1. Cities 2. Written language 3. Religious structure 4. Political structure 5. Materialistic value 6. Art and intellect 7. Economic structure

The importance of hammurabi's code

It is important because it was the first time a states law was set down in writing and it was important because it brought fairness and justice to them

Some of hammurabi's laws

1. If a man has accused another of laying a death spell upon him and has not proven it he shall be put to death. 2. If he has borne false witness in a civil law case he shall pay the damages in that suit. 3. If a man has stolen goods from a temple or a house he shall be put to death; and he that has received the stolen property from him he shall be put to death. 4. If a man has stolen a child he shall be put to death. 5. If a man has broken into a house he shall be killed before the breech and buried their.

Who Gilgamesh was

Gilgamesh was a super hero and a king