Everyday heros

My mom

What is an everyday hero?

For me, a everyday hero is a person who isn't famous that makes good things. For example, my everyday hero is mi mom, in general all the mothers.
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My everyday hero

I think my everyday hero is my mum, in general allthe mothers. Some can't work because they have to take care of their children and I think that sacrifice they do for us is an example of an every day hero. They do a lot of things: they cook, they tidy, they do the washing, etc.


It's unfair that people think that women have to be housewifes and have to clean the house. Because men can also do it and because maybe you don't realize but that is racism.
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Day routine

My mother is a nurse, but now she is a housewife. A typical day for her starts at 7:00 AM when we have to go to school and finishes when we go to bed. I consider that being a housewife is a job although they don't pay them. In some cases it could be harder than having a normal job, so at the end of the they they should be very tired.

This is my mom:

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My opinion

I wouldn't mind being a housewife but I would prefer to have a job for example a doctor because women should be respected and we also should change the idea of women as housewifes.