Paws for Pets

Help the animals who can't help themselves

About Us

We are a non-profit organization that originally started in Texas when one day the creators of Paws for Pets, Audrey, Melia, and Haven were out on a walk when they found an abandoned dog on the street. They called the nearest shelter. A couple weeks later they found the same dog on the street. That's when they had the idea of a clean safe animal shelter that helps all animals no matter what their history is.


Every year, 6.5 million animals are abandoned. And that's just of what the government knows about.

After a 17 year old shot a dog, tied it's leash to a railroad track, and left it for death, he was charged a lot. He was sentenced serve time in jail for seven months, a cruelty to animals fee of $1,000, and the medical bill for Cabela, his dog, of $1,000 dollars, parole, and no contact to animals (not even fish) until probation is over. Even after that he will still be watched.

He did the job with three other guys. Two of them were accused of taking Cabela to dog fights. Natwan Callaway, Cabela's owner, was accused of animal cruelty, carrying unauthorized firearms and entering private property.

That's what would happen if you were to abandon an animal. In Nathwan's case, he had more punishment than a person who just abandons and animal.

Below is Cabela, the dog who he abused and abandoned

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General Facts

The top three breeds who are abandoned are:

  1. Bull Terrier
  2. Jack Russel
  3. Stafford shire Bull Terrier Cross

General Fact Continued

The "Pet Police" found thousands stray animals that belong to a previous owner. After giving them to other family, 1,906 were found on the streets again.

You just can't return pets. Because of the holidays, people buy pets for Christmas have no idea have the pet will react when the animal gets "unwrapped" or the reaction of the kids. Usually, there is a testing where the pet is going to move into that home to find out if it's fit to the animal. But during the holidays, that doesn't happen. Parents don't want to spoil the surprise. A lot of people realize that this is not the pet they want a few weeks in. Sadly, you CAN'T return an animal. That leads to the abandonment of pets.

In conclusion, the holidays (Christmas, Hanuka, or other gift giving holidays) is the season for abandoning.

See the story of Colby the Pitt bull here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do if I see an abandoned animal?

A: Don’t pick It up then, call us at 512-716-6149 and stay where you are, keep an eye on the animal, and wait for our truck to pick up the animal.

Q: What do I do If I know of a person who will abandon an animal?

A: File a report to Paws for Pets or call us at 512-716-6149

Q: How will you know that the owner will actually take care of the animal?

A: We do an interview and check in to the family every other year

Q: What if the animal is hurt?

A: We accept them too, we have a built in clinic within the building to nurse the animal back to health.

Q: Why can I trust you instead of any other organization?

A: We put our animals first and unlike others, we care more about them than money.

Q: What would happen if your shelter had too many animals?

A: We would take animals to another shelter.

Q: What happens if no one adopts the animal?

A: We take the animal to another shelter in a different area.

Q: What if I want to adopt an animal from your shelter?

A: Come to our shelter. We have to do a background check to make sure that the animal will be as happy at possible. After adopted, we do a check in on you and the animal every other year.

How We Work

Paws for Pets is a non profit organization that works for the animals. If you were to see an abandoned animal, call Paws for Pets (look below for number), do not pet it or put it in your car. We will send an van and experts to pick the animal up. Once we return, we will give the animal a full check up, bathe it, and fix any problems that he/she might have. We have a rehabilitation center where we work with the animals to get them back to there own self. After the animal is healthy again, we put it in a adoption center right in our own building!

We help the animals that are abandoned and we nurse them back to health and we hope.

Our dream is to try and rescue all animals. Our hope, is that one day we won’t have to.

Our Info!

Not a real phone number.

Special Thanks!

Thank you to Pet-smart for supplying all the food and toys!

And to Dove for supplying soap for dirty animals!

And Chick fil a for no apparent reason!