Commercial Research

Betty White Snickers Super Bowl Commercial 2010


Target market: males and females, nationwide, all races, ages 20-45, active

Propaganda technique: transfer. The commercial shows the good results you get from eating a snickers.

Doritos Super Bowl Commercial Dead Cat Bribe


Target market: males, ages ages 30-50, all races, dog-lovers, urban areas

Propaganda technique: emotional appeal. A comedic storyline is used that people can relate to emotionally.

Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial - Clydesdales Brotherhood (2013)


Target Market: 21+, females, all races, horse-lovers, active people, hard-workers, rural locations

Propaganda technique: emotional appeal. This commercial is very sentimental and even though it does not contain any actual beers, it works because the Clydesdales are associated with Budweiser and people connect to that.