Knight Notes

October 3, 2016



  • Congratulations to student council on a great homecoming week full of events like coronation, dress up week, and the dance.
  • Congratulations to KOE on a fun and successful powder puff game!
  • Congratulations to James Dohrman and Blake Coonrod on being National Merit Semifinalists.
  • Congratulations to Congrats to Alyssa Barber and Autumn Todd for being named @NSPA national Broadcast Story of the Year Finalists.…

Parent Teacher Conferences

Good Afternoon!

It is hard to believe that 1st quarter is coming to a close. Next week, October 4, we will have our second Fall Parent Teacher Conference from 4:00 to 7:30 p.m., and we will all be in the large gym. This is a time for you to meet parents and share valuable information regarding their children’s work in your classes.

This e-mail is quite lengthy but I needed to share some important information regarding conferences. Below is a list of topics which I will further explain.

1. Times for Conferences and Food

2. Attendance Procedures for Staff

3. Increasing Parent Attendance

4. Sign-in Information and Attendance for Parents

5. Teacher Packet



· The Administrative team will be providing dinner and PTO will be providing desserts and drinks for all staff which will start at 2:30 and cleanup will begin at 3:30.

· Teachers need to be at their stations by 3:45 p.m.

· Conferences will be held from 4:00-7:30 p.m.


We look forward to everyone being at Parent/Teacher Conferences, but if you are unable to attend you will need to notify your supervising principal in writing or by email. It will be necessary for you to make arrangements to place a sign-in sheet at your conference area informing parents of the time(s) you will not be available and requesting parents to leave information regarding how you can contact them. Parents have informed us that notifying your students ahead of time of what night you cannot be present is helpful.


This year in an effort to increase our attendance we would like each teacher to extend an e-mail invitation to at least 5 of your students reminding parents of Parent/Teacher Conferences. An example of this type of e-mail is listed below. Please feel free to use this e-mail or develop your own.


Hello, my name is Steve Moorman, and I am Cara McHaffie’s Communication Arts Teacher. Next week on Tuesday, October 4th, we will be holding our second Fall Parent/Teacher Conference in the large gym from 4:00-7:30 p.m. This is a great opportunity to meet your student’s teachers for the first time or follow up with a teacher you have met and learn valuable information about their education. Below are some suggestions to help Parent / Teacher Conferences to move smoothly:

1. Please, print your child's schedule
2. Please, check their grades on Infinite Campus prior to conferences.
3. Please, come with questions for the teacher.
4. Conferences can last approximately ten minutes.

I look forward to meeting you next week!


Steve Moorman


We will be using the sheets from prior years for parents to sign in at your station. This information will be placed in your mailbox by Friday, September 30th. There will be extra sheets available if needed.

Yellow Form: Please have parents sign-in on Tuesday evening with this form.

Blue Form: This sheet will need to be filled out and returned to Cara McHaffie or Mr. Moorman to assess how many parents we had in attendance on both nights. The yellow and blue parent sign-in sheets are yours to keep. Please fill out and return the pink parent count sheet to Cara McHaffie in the main office. Instructions will be listed on the pink form.


Your Parent/Teacher Conference Teacher Packet will be placed in your mailbox by September 9th. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me or stop by the main office.

The following items will be Included in your packet:

· Gym set up – location of all teacher stations

· Yellow Form – Teachers keep

· Blue Form – Please return to Cara McHaffie in the main office

Thank you,

Steve Moorman


Parent conferences are just around the corner. I know you will continue to reach out to parents and to collaborate with them to help their students to be successful. Thank you!

The end of 1st quarter is just around the corner. More information will come from Sandy Kuhl on submitting grades, but the window for submitting grades will close on October 18th. Please make sure you are communicating with parents if you have students who are not doing well in your class.


Knights @ 90: FHN currently has 90.53% of students attending 90% of the time. Way to go Knights!

Teachers can enter their 1st period attendance percentage for September by using the following link:

There will be an Attendance Committee meeting in the Learning Commons on Thurs Oct. 6th @ 2:30.


Thank you for taking the Climate Survey! We had an overall return rate of 84%. We earned a jeans day on Wednesday! We will share the results with be staff at the next faculty meeting.

Wednesday will also be our first morning staff coffee. Join us in the LC at 6:45 for coffee, doughnuts, and conversation. There is no agenda - just a chance for staff to socialize and get a brief update on upcoming events.


Please consider participating in the Behavior Book Study; a flyer was placed in your mailbox last week. Return the bottom portion to Marissa Cohen’s mailbox. The Behavior Leadership Team will be meeting on 10/19 at 6:45 am in Room 5/8.

FHN has seen a 50% reduction in out of school suspensions compared to this time last year.


On 10/20, Mr. Santos will be presenting on using Jing and Screencastomatic. These are screenshot apps that capture information from your computer screen. These are excellent tools for the flipped classroom. To sign up, please click on this link:

FHSD Twitter Challenge
October is Connected Educator Month! To celebrate, FHSD is hosting a “15-Day Twitter Challenge” in order to connect FHSD teachers and share the exciting learning that is occurring across the District. Go to the FHSD Twitter Challenge Calendar for more information. Use #FHNTwitter Challenge when participating. Please see the Twitter folder under Professional Development on HowellNET for more information about Twitter.



2016-2017 Staff Commitments to the Learning Environment

In order to improve the climate/environment at FHN, the staff commits to:

1. building positive relationships with students and staff members.

2. listening to the concerns of others and by helping to problem solve those issues.

3. helping students to see the relationship between effort and success.

4. being open-minded to new ideas.

5. addressing any inappropriate behavior immediately to help set an expectation of appropriate hallway and classroom behavior.

6. giving clear and consistent expectations for device use and by enforcing them.

7. counting tardies consistently.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, Oct. 4th, 4-7:30pm


Morning Staff Coffee

Wednesday, Oct. 5th, 6:45-7:15am

Learning Commons

Attendance Committe Meeting

Thursday, Oct. 6th, 2:30-3:30pm

Learning Commons

1/2 District PD Day

Monday, Oct. 17th, 10am-12pm


Behavior Leadership Meetimg

Wednesday, Oct. 19th, 6:45-7:15am


Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, Oct. 19th, 2:30-4:30pm


Lunch and Learn

Thursday, Oct. 20th, 10am-12pm

Learning Commons

Brian Santos will be presenting on King and Screencast.

PLC Leader Training

Tuesday, Oct. 25th, 2:30-3:30pm

Learning Commons

PD Committee Meeting

Thursday, Oct. 27th, 2:30-3:30pm

Learning Commons


"Shout out to all staff who participated in the FHSD Technology Games."

--Chris Birch

"Shout out to STUCO for coordinating an awesome Homecoming Week!"

--Chris Birch