Web 2.0 Presentation Tools



"Social media is collaborative, visual and creative; a new kind of online media that encompasses text-based content and multimedia, but also adds interactivity...[Presentation] Web 2.0 tools...enable students to create, publish, and share multimedia. It's about creating or remixing content, audio, video, images or photographs, text, or their combinations, and posting the content on the World Wide Web for everyone to see and use."

Source: Pam Berger in Choosing Web 2.0 Tools for Learning and Teaching in a Digital World

Ten Reasons to Use Web-Based Media Tools in Education

  1. Helps students to visualize ideas
  2. Creates an environment of active participants, often collaborative in nature.
  3. Encourages self-expression and creativity.
  4. Promotes differentiated instruction and addresses multiple intelligences and learning styles.
  5. Incorporates various media for differentiation and multi-sensory experiences.
  6. Facilitates editing content.
  7. Enhances learning (comprehension and retention) by using audio and visual elements.
  8. Raises student interest and motivation.
  9. Allows students to address a larger audience than just the teacher or classmates.
  10. Encourages students to use technology resources that many students are already familiar with and using for personal purposes.

Pam Berger in Choosing Web 2.0 Tools for Learning and Teaching in a Digital World


Online Flyers.
This flyer is an example.
Smore is a great tool for teachers and students.

collaborate and connect


Create your own webpage
Easy to use
Weebly is a great tool for both teachers and students


good to use as a graphic organizer or outline

collaboration capabilities

Great tool for both teachers and students

Other tools

  • voicethread
  • prezi
  • slideshare
  • animoto
always be on the look out for new, improved tools. New ones are developed all the time.

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