All about me

By Claudia


Usually I go to Mexico every year to visit my grandparents and cousins its really fun to be there and spend time with them. I've been to many states going to Mexico and Utah, I like to travel a lot and go to cool places. The place that I want

to go really bad is California, I've always wanted to go

to California since i was little

and visit my moms side of the family there. :)


I live with my dad and two younger sisters, my sisters are both in the Elementary. One of them is a 6th grader and the other one is a 3rd grader. I also have a chihuahua name Beefy which is my responsibility to take care of.

What I like

I really like to play soccer with my cousins on my free time I play my xbox. I really like listening to music my favorite kind of music is rap and dubstep. I go to the movies at least 2 times a month with my friends and watch funny and scary movies I enjoy watching movies with my friends and family.