Preschool House Newsletter

October 2015

Hi Everyone!

I haven't yet pulled my sweaters out of storage, but I'm starting to kinda wish for colder weather so I have an excuse to cozy up (and so I can stop having to worry about mowing my lawn...). Our first month of preschool went awesome. Even my giant red spot on my living room carpet is gone (which, btw, if someone needs a recommendation for a carpet cleaner, I totally have one for you :)

We've been busy here making friends, figuring out our classroom rules, and exploring new materials. After 4 weeks we've got a lot of the basics down, so this next month we're going to be hitting some skills pretty hard. The first full week of October we'll be doing our first quarter assessments. They'll be a baseline of where your preschooler is at, and I use them to design my lessons for the rest of the year. I'm always happy to share those results with you. Just ask! We'll also be introducing basic math skills like patterning, one to one correspondence, and estimation. We're also working our way through the alphabet, currently on letter D. In October we'll be writing letters too.

Often it's hard to see at home what we do here at preschool. I'm pretty good at disguising learning as play so that it stays exciting and engaging. I don't do worksheets either, so you may get many projects home that look like free and open ended art (which some of them certainly are!). Many times, though, there were concepts being taught through a project that aren't evident in the end product, or our lessons were learned in group games, centers, and activities. That's why I like to do a lot of pictures, and for you newbies, you'll notice at the end of our monthly newsletters I put in some description to many of those pictures. Hopefully, also, as the months go on, you'll notice your preschooler writing more, counting things, pointing out letters, initiating play, controlling outbursts, or spontaneously sharing with someone, and that's what we want, right? A kid who is excited, self initiated and actively utilizing their new skills. Sooooo much better than a worksheet.


These are the only no school days besides the normal holidays that we have off this year. It's statewide inservice, so all the schools are out in all the districts. Last year I still had class, and had like 3 kids show up (because with older siblings out for two days, who doesn't want an excuse to skip carpool or skip out of town for a long weekend??). So, I figured, what the hay, why fight it- and nerdy teacher me has a conference that I wanted to go to. Have a great long weekend.


Quick THANK YOU to everyone for being awesome with parking this year- and for putting up with my "don't pull up in front of my neighbor's driveway" neurosis. I haven't had a single neighbor complaint yet.

Preschool Pajama Party

In lieu of a Halloween party this year, we're going to celebrate the end of our "Nighttime" unit and have a pajama party! On October 29th or 30th send your preschooler to school in their pajamas, and we'll be making a special Pajama Day snack, doing some fun "slumber party" activities, and they'll also have the option of cozying up on the couch for a movie. It's one of the preschoolers favorite special days and the best news is you don't have to spend and additional day with a highly excitable sugared up child, and I don't have to spend a preschool day paranoid that they'll spill paint on their Halloween costume. It's a win win! More information as we get closer

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Mark your calendars for Thursday, October 22nd at 10am for our field trip to the Linder Farms Pumpkin Patch. We'll be petting baby animals, playing in their hay maze, jumping around in the corn bin, and taking a ride out to the field to pick a pumpkin. Feel free to bring along any siblings you have hanging around too. Preschoolers and parents are free, and the cost for any additional kids is $3.50. (Since this is a combined field trip there will be no school on Friday, October 23rd)

Here's A peek at what we've been up to this month

Thanks For A Great Month Everyone!