Christmas Party & Break Information

December 15, 2014

Class Christmas Party

Our class Christmas Party will be Thursday, December 18 in the afternoon. We will be joining 4A and 4C for our party and watching Elf together. If you have not already done so, please send your child's permission slip back to school to indicate if they have your permission to watch the movie.

Students can also bring in a towel if they would like for sitting on the floor during the movie.

After the movie, students will be able to move between the three classrooms to play board games with their friends. Your child can bring in a board game of their choice for after the movie.

**Because all students will be in one classroom, only Homeroom Moms are invited to attend the party. Thank you for your understanding!

Party Snacks

During the party the students will be able to have snack with their friends. We are asking that each student bring in a drink (soda, water, juice, gatorade) of their choice (20 oz. bottle - so there is a lid - no 2 liters!) and a snack. Our homeroom moms will also be providing a snack for the students during the movie.

Noon Dismissal and Celtic Pride

Friday will be a Noon Dismissal as well as a Celtic Pride Day. Please follow the guidelines in the school handbook for dressing out this day.

We will be having snack before the students leave at noon, so please send your child with a snack for the day.

Christmas Blessings!

I would like to wish your families a safe, blessed, and joyous Christmas together.

School Resumes for students on January 6, 2015. See you then!