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This is what we call a pretty full short week...

Important Announcements & Info

*Red Folders will be sent home for the first time THIS FRIDAY. Please sign and return the folder (and assessments) on Monday.

*Curriculum Maps can be accessed here:

*Remember to visit the middle school teachers' new blog for updates, homework, resources, and more: icsjmiddleschool.blogspot.com.

*An upcoming Family Mass is scheduled for Sunday, September 20th, at the 11 a.m. at St. Joseph's Church - all of the teachers will be present and will be looking forward to celebrating Mass with you! (And, speaking of Mass, here's a great podcast we listened to in 8th grade about why it's important to "go through the motions.")

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In memory and honor of those who serve our country...

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This Week At A Glance

6th Grade Advisory (Lewis & Foyle)

Hopes and dreams - we know all about those! The students dedicated our time this week to crafting thoughtful year-long academic-related goals for themselves. In addition to their written paragraphs, they compiled pictures and words to make a collage that represents their hopes and dreams. In addition, they discussed what they will need from one another and from their teachers in order to reach their goals successfully.

Students' collages and paragraphs will be laminated and hung on their lockers soon.

6th Grade Language Arts

Reading & Writing Workshops: These two workshops went hand in hand this week, as students learned about the components of memoir writing in order to read and enjoy Roald Dahl's Boy and to begin prewriting their own memoirs. As they can tell you, it is really all about "Life with a capital L."

Word Study: On Wednesday, students reviewed FIC/FAC/FECT roots (= to do, make), and on Thursday, they shifted their focus to ACT/AG (= to do, drive). They created their own sentences and drew pictures for each word in a root word template for HW on Thursday.

Grammar: There are so many kinds of nouns - it's hard to keep them straight! Students did their best to distinguish between singular and plural, common and proper, and possessive versus, well, not possessive. It's looking pretty good on the grammar front.

Word of the Week: Last week we wanted to make sure no one absquatulated in the case of an emergency. This week, our word was protean, an adjective meaning extremely variable. Can you use it in a sentence?

6th Grade Religion

What's the most important holiday of the Catholic liturgical year? When is the "Catholic new year"? The 6th graders can answer these questions (and more)! Students studied the liturgical calendar and order of the Mass this week before taking their prayer unit quiz on Friday. On Monday students will have the opportunity to review their answers and ask any questions. Then, the quizzes and rubrics will be sent home the following Friday.

To see parts of the Mass "in action" please visit this website from the Diocese of Bridgeport: http://www.liturgy123.com/ss.php#1. It has some wonderful visual and auditory explanations about why we do what we do.

8th Grade Religion

Students reviewed the liturgical seasons and big feast days with a video and jigsaw activity on Tuesday. On Thursday and Friday, students spent time exploring the Mass in-depth and working on their Saint book pages with their partners. Activities included Mass journal reflections, a podcast, articles, and Catholic Words memory match activity.

Upcoming Quiz = Thursday, September 17

Join us for weekly Wed. 8 a.m. Mass at SJ

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