new planet gliese581g/unknowns

decovered in 2010

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can to the new amazing earth calld the unknowns

Getting to unknowns takes 20.3 light years, it might sound long but its not it will be fun and exciting. For one year on unknowns it takes 37 days. Boy oh boy that will go by quickly. If you are 15 years old now you will be 148.51 years old. You got old very quick. Gravity/wight is very similar to what it is on earth, there is no different. The distance from earth is 20.3light years. Sadly unknowns does not have rings. We are not to sure if there any moons. We are also not to sure what the temperature is, they think it might be tropical climate. As you can see there are alot of things we are not to sure about but that is how we got the name. There be other planets out there that sound better but I insure you this a better planet just want.

Problems and how you can fix them.

unknown temperature- heater and ac

unknown if their is other life- be nice and become friends

unknown atmosphere- keep the air clean