You are invited to the "Titanic"

Come to see our Biggest boat on its first trip!

This is the official invitation to enter on our luxury boat called the "TITANIC"

Dear Bob,

You are officialy invited to our first trip in the the biggest boat yet called the Titanic. Go to our harbor in South-Hampton, where our ship will start a trip you will never forget. Come at 9:25 at the harbor so we can check everybody is here. This invitation will not weork anymore after our ship is off, you will lose your opotunity so be here on time with your bags becuse the ship will go to the United State. This ship is not free, the cost would be five thousand pounds the 4th class, here will be the richest people in the world. here are th costs:

1st class: 10,000 pounds per day

2nd class: 8,000 pounds per day

3rd class: 6,000 pounds per day

4th class: 5,000 pounds per day

(without paying the luxury restaurant)

There will be thousands of people here, the maximum nuber of bags you can bring is 3 per person.

Our Captain

Our captain is called Mr. Edward John Smith, he will be with you in this wonderful trip, he is 62 years old. When he was 19, he started to get involved as an aprentice ni a ship called "Senador Weber". He has a lot of experience being in the control of the ship and we are sure he will have no problems with the ship. In 1875 Edward got his certificate for maestry in piloting ships.

Our chief designer

Our ship artist is called Thomas Andrews, he made our well known ship. He was born in Ireland. Thomas Andrews lived with his family in Ardara, Comber. In 1884, he began attending the Royal Belfast until 1889 when, at the age of sixteen, he began a premium apprenticeship at Harland and Wolff where his uncle, the Viscount Pirrie, was part owner. He aslo has a british nationality.

Our chief baker

Charles Joughin is going to be our chief baker that was born the 3 of August in 1878. In 1889 he already had been in a lot of steamships being the chief baker in charge of the kitchen, he was aboard of Olympic, Titanic's sister. he will be the main chef that will tell his cookers what to cook and we accept special orders when its time for dinner, he would be more than pleased to do as you say.

Our second in line after the captain

  • William McMaster Murdoch is the second at power in the ship after the captain. He is a scottish sailor that will be helping us in the ship when our responsible captain is not available in any moment. He served his apprenticeship aboard the Charles Cosworth of Liverpool, trading to the west coast of South America.
Rare - TITANIC Construction footage 1911