Internet Hoaxes And Pranks

Miracle Basey

Reddit Serial Killer

As part of a course George Mason students created a fake blog about a girl who thought her uncle was a serial killer. They had evidence pictures of her uncles newspaper clippings and blood stained clothes.

Save Toby

Toby was the pet rabbit of James and Brian, creators of They created a website  promising to kill and eat toby if they didn’t receive $50,000 dollars by June 30.The site was a hoax when it was purchased by The creators  had collected more than $20,000 in donations.

Is it REAL

Is it FAKE

Taylor Swift School For Deaf

Chegg launched a competition that promised Taylor Swift would perform at the school that received the most votes.Taylor Swift and her sponsors disqualified the school. The school’s headmaster was displeased, and when he claimed that hearing-impaired people could still enjoy the music, Taylor Swift donated 10,000 to call it even.

Everything You See Is Not Always What It Seems