Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

May 25th, 2017

What is going on?

Dear Parents,

I give you back your children, the same children you confidently entrusted to my care last fall. I give them back pounds heavier, inches taller, months wiser, more responsible, and more mature than they were then. Although they would of attained this growth in spite of me, it has been my happy privilege to watch their personality unfold day by day and marvel at this splendid miracle of development, each new success, each new expansion of itself. I give them back reluctantly for having spent nine months together in the narrow confines of a classroom, we have grown closer, have become a part of each other and we shall retain a little of each other.

Ten years from now if we met on the street, your children and I, a light will spring to our eyes, a smile to our lips, and we shall feel a bond of understanding once more, this bond we feel today. We lived, loved, played, studied, learned, and enriched our lives together this year. I wish it could go on forever, but give them back I must. Take care of them for they are precious.

Remember that I shall always be interested in your children whoever they become. Their joys and sorrows I’ll be happy to share. Please call me if there is anything further I can ever do for them.


Cameron Baker

This and that...


May 25th Student Appreciation- board game day

May 26th Reading and Pajama day

May 29 Memorial Day Holiday

May 30 8:15 5th Grade Flugtag 8:15- Bubbles and Gum-

May 30 Awards Assemblies- 1:45 and our Party- 11:30-12:30

May 31-Sports and Extra Recess

June 1 Last Day of School-Movie and Popcorn

Summer Apps

Free Educational Apps

  • Monster Sushi (math)

  • BrainPop Featured Movie

  • Sight Words for Reading HD

  • Fill The Cup

  • iStoryBooks

  • Geometry Eye

  • Splash Math

  • Pizza Fractions

  • Animal Fun

  • Flow Free: Bridges

  • Zoombinis

Have a great summer! I will miss you!