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Think About your body

Why don’t people think about there body?

Well....when you think about doing drugs why do them?Just think about something good.

Don’t think about drugs.Also when people do smoke they never should smoke around their kids -they can get really sick.Another thing is when you do things like drugs or cigarettes it can really ruin your heart.And a lot of kids say when they grow up they will never smoke or do drugs but a lot end up doing drugs after they said they would not do that.Also when you do drugs it can ruin your lungs and your whole body.so do not drink also till your 21.Even when you do drugs or something you jost ruined your life for good unless you get serious help.

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Doing bad things

Mostly when you are minding your own beans someone walks up to you and says do you want to smoke or you will see someone else doing drugs and then you want to start doing it.And sometimes when you see other people doing drugs you think to yourself why dont stop that stuff instead of doing it and that is what i think to.some people think doing that stuff will help you express your feelings. well… gues what - your wrong.Doing that kind of stuff does not help you.You can just get help from a therapist or talk to other people and other stuff.why do people want to people scared when they are doing drugs.They are the ones who sterfed it in the first place.So…….They should not feel scared unless they want to stop. like i said people can try to stop on there own but it will be hard to.Youcan just get a therapist so it will be easier.

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When some people think bad things are good they do not realize what they are saying.They are saying that they like bad things.When most people that do drugs dont know what to do with their lives.And that is there own fault for even starting the drug thing.Well except more and more drugs.When some people do drugs they get really bad problems about and with there bodys.Witch is not good.people understand and other people do not understand.That drugs and other things are not good or anything.people think that smoking,drinking or even doing drugs is so so funny and silly and good.People don’t care about rather they get hurt or sick.They just want to do drugs and a whole bunch of other stuff that are bad for you.And they know that is bad for them but they still want to do it.
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Addiction-is a state characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences. It can be thought of as a disease or biological process l

leading to such behaviors.

Bullying-use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.

D.A.R.E - Empowering Children to Lead Safe and Healthy Lives.

testing one's abilities; demanding.

"challenging and rewarding employment"

synonyms:demanding, testing, taxing, exacting; More

  • inviting competition; provocative.

    "there was a challenging glint in his eyes"

    synonyms:dare, summon, throw down the gauntlet to

    "he challenged one of my men to a duel"

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5 quistion quiz

- What are all of the people that have really bad body problems lonely?

-How many drugs and type are in the world?

-why do people think drugs are bad?

-Why do people think there is a point of drugs?

-Why is cancer so bad for old people?

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