What Makes You A Leader?

BY: Eashana Arora

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What defines a leader?

Everybody in the whole world has multiple leadership qualities inside of them. A true leader is some one who is:

  • Modest
  • Enthusiastic,
  • Responsible,
  • Open minded,
  • Can communicate with multiple people.
It is important to be modest an to have good communication skills because you are able to communicate with your followers and your group. As you go through your journey of leadership, there will be obstacles in your path, so it is important to be open minded an responsible so you can guide you followers to success. You must be enthusiastic because your group will look up to you for hope and if you are are happy you will inspire them. With these simple skills , anyone can be a leader, even you!
Team Leader Skills: Motivating & Inspiring Insights

Take a look at this video to get an interesting insight on leadership.

What type of leader are you?

We are are leaders on the inside. The type of leaders we are change according to our personalities. I am a unique leader. I make a lot of mistakes, but in the end, I step up my game to help successfully guide my team to the right path. I am prepared to take full responsibility for everyone actions. Sometimes I am very lenient. Other times I am very strict. But no matter what I do, I will always put my team first. This is my definition of a true leader.
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How does your personality style affect your leadership style and vice versa?

Your personality style always reflects on your leadership. Here are some examples of different personalities and how there types of leadership vary.

Social Personality- You communicate with everyone on your team. You are easy going and you make sure that everyone's ideas are included in the process of successfully getting to the finish line.

Shy personality- You have one clear view and you are focused on that one vision. You don't want much change in the original plan. You tend to not collaborate as much, but you are a strong leader and you are less dependent on your followers.

Competitive Personality- You are a very strict and strong leader. You instantly take charge. You tend to want more and more control over what is going on. You make a plan and make sure everyone is correctly doing their job at all times.

Friendly personality- You are a very fun to work with person. You like to divide and conquer all of your work. You are a very lenient leader. You are very optimistic and you try to make your journey as a leader as fun as possible.

These are only a few of the examples of the infinite amount of personalities. In each type of leader, the personality is reflected and clearly shown in each persons way of guiding others.

What did you learn about yourself that you can use to grow as a leader?

I learned a lot about my leadership skills this past week. I will defiantly take what I learned in class to help me grow as a leader. will try to be more patient and communicate more with others so I can be the Best leader that I can be.