It a amazing city

Satisfactory Seafood

Do you like seafood? If so you would love the Bahamas. In Bahamas they pig out on seafood such as crawfish. the most popular food is conch. Conch can be fried,grilled ,and steamed. they did eat on other meat that are eaten with side dishes. I hope you try seafood.

fun holidays

they have a lot of holidays. junkahoo is one of the parades that they have. I Bahamas they have a lot of festivals there. did you know Christopher Columbus went to Bahamas. In Bahamas you can visit your family on holidays and festivals if any of sibling live there. I hope you can go to holidays in Bahamas

Enjoyable sports

They have a lot of sports there. One of the best place to be bird watching which is a sport in Bahama.The selling of work boat is a sport.They now have speed boats for racing. They have fishing just like us. which they are talking sports.

historical site

They have historical site in Bahama. They have a big governor mansion that is pink. They have a pompey museum that is named courageous slave. The villages in Bahama still maintain rich africans heritage. They have a chi-hill bug and soil exhaustion. They have pretty good landmarks.


They have different accents then we do. Bahamians speak combine Dialect . Combine different languages there. The islands haiti resident also speak. european and africans are similar number ocean number of english. They have different cool languages


What kind of climate/weather do they have. The city there there are warm and sunny.the city there are high temperature. The temperature is really hot. It is really hot.
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