Science Circuit

Because Science Matters: December 2015

Completing the Circuit

Welcome to the monthly LISD Science Curriculum Newsletter for Instructional Coaches! We hope to use this newsletter to provide you with science updates and information on a regular basis. Please let us know what your needs are and how we can continue to improve our communication!


Things to Remember

Science Module Pick-Up and Delivery

  • All science modules will be picked up the week of January 4th. We recommend teachers pack up modules BEFORE the Winter Break. For specifics check your Campus Module Rotation.
  • New modules will be delivered no later than January 18th.

Science Assessments

Assessment Headlines

Third Grade: The assessment window opened December 2nd and closes January 8th.

Fourth and Fifth Grade: The assessment window opened December 14th and closes January 8th.

Use the data from the science assessments to focus instruction during the "tweener" time. Fifth grade may find the STAAR Connections a great resource for this time. This is a great time for students to engage in inquiry, PBL, and STEM investigations.

Critter Care for the Holidays

  • All critters must be returned before the winter break. The last day to send critters back to the Science Materials Center is the morning of Wednesday, December 16th.
  • Complete a Critter Return Request form at least one week before the end of instruction of the module.
  • The link to the form can be found on the curriculum website for each grade level in the box for that unit of study. This form will notify the Science Materials Center to send out a return cooler and ice packs.
  • Remember not to release any critters or send them home with students.
  • Be sure to order new critters for the third nine weeks prior to leaving for the winter break.

What's New?

Curriculum Support

Child Nutrition Services

On November 30, we launched a new partnership between Child Nutrition Services and Elementary Science!

  • Collaborate with cafeteria managers and team leaders to supply food materials for core module instruction. (For example: carrots for critters, snack items for mixtures, fruits and veggies for planet models.)
  • View a complete list of items available from the cafeteria and details on implementation of this process here.
  • Invite campus cafeteria managers or Kristin Andrews from Child Nutrition Services to classrooms to observe how these materials are supporting classroom instruction.
  • Display student learning made possible through this partnership in the cafeteria. For example, models of the planets, mixtures, parts of the plant...

Professional Development Opportunities

We will present the module training for Fifth Grade - Earth Adventure on January 12th at Pleasant Hill from 7:15-11:15.

Register for this training in Eduphoria.

Please let us know any additional campus needs.

Science Snippet

Earth Science is always an area of concern with our students. As we know, making connections to the real world increases student learning.

Take a moment to look at this snippet and ask yourself and your students some questions.

  • What do you notice?
  • What do you wonder?
  • What is the cause?
  • What is the effect?

These and other science snippets you can share with teachers and students can be found here.