5 Things to Remember

By: Kallie Brewer


Quizlet Homework

When you have Quizlet homework there are 4 different things to do, one for each night. Quizlet also has games that you can play to help you. These Quizlets help you on your test on Friday. They don't take long to do at all. Also it is okay if you get some wrong. If you think that your score is bad then redo it until you get the score you want or like.


Ms. Izzo has high expectations for her AOWs. You have to use all of your strategies. One tip that I have is to not do it at the last minute. On the AOW you need to use Yes Ma'am for one of your strategies, it helps answer the question. When you mark the text use some emojis. They are there for a reason so use them. In the notes just don't put stupid stuff, put important information or questions that you have.

Wordly Wise

You have a Wordly Wise Packet every week, it goes along with your vocabulary words. You have things that you do throughout the whole packet. At the very end of your packet there is a reading selection worth 50% of your grade. If you don't do the reading selection and everything else you will get a 50. The Wordly Wise will also help you on the test along with the Quizlet.


There will be some novels that you read and answer questions to. Each chapter there will be some questions that you will answer. You need to understand to books to answer the questions. Remember that you don't need to put your opinion you need to use evidence and facts. In the year 2014- 2015 we read the books Long Walk To Water and Wonder. Both of those books had questions that you answered and a discussion board that you do with your group.

Reading Logs

I'm pretty sure that you've had a reading log before. On the reading logs that you do in 6th grade are different. You have to write a lot more sentences are use more evidence than last year. When you are doing your reading logs you need to work harder than you did last year. We have had to write our own theme songs before and we have done lots of predictions. In a reading log you need to try and write at least 8 sentences. It might not say that but is still good to over work yourself.


Math Homework