Coppell Texas

successfully combining old town and new town

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The New Main Street!

Old Town Coppell got re-vamped! Once a modest part of town with cute, one-bedroom houses and shops dating back to Coppell's founding year in 1890, is now a major attraction. A new, rustic shopping center filled with popular locally owned stores and Coppell's staple restaurant, The Local Diner, perfectly integrates the old town and new town vibes of the suburb.

Popular Places

Coppell High School

You've heard of college towns, but are you familiar with many high school towns? Coppell is a suburb that revolves around it's 5A, state-winning high school. The school unifies the town as the streets and nearby restaurants are nearly deserted during football games, and are then flooded when the Coppell Cowboys secure yet another victory. The volleyball team is a back to back state champ and is expecting a third state title in the upcoming season. The Coppell Band is known world wide and was even invited to play at the 2012 Olympics. All over town you will see citizens sporting the school's colors: red, white, and black. Athletically as well as academically, Coppell High School has much to offer with a more than 93% graduation rate.

Taylor's Gift

Coppell is the town from which the non-profit charity, Taylor's Gift, was founded. Taylor's Gift is an organization dedicated to raising awareness for organ donation. The foundation began just over three years ago when 13-year-old Taylor Storch was killed in a skiing accident on a spring break vacation. Her family made the decision to donate her organs and just one month later, felt the calling to begin a charity that promotes organ donation across the country and around the world. Taylor's parents, Todd and Tara Storch, would be amazing people to meet on a visit to Coppell. Their heart wrenching story of loss, grief, and hope is one that you will never forget. For more information about this remarkable foundation and the family that founded it, visit